I come from a 25 year background in lithographic print and have been involved in processing artwork from file to finished product for most of that time.

My passion for photography has now overtaken my passion for competing in sports and I am finding myself behind the lens more than being in front of it. Capturing the sports I love has been the mainstay of my photography for the last couple of years but as with most things my photography has evolved and I have been involved in a variety of projects including weddings, social functions, portraits & specialised industrial photography in high risk confined spaces.

Every shooting season I am out in the Ribble Valley with the sporting guns capturing the action and the dogs at work and have produced a number of large action prints & books for the guns as well as putting together a shoot inspired collection for a Ribble Valley establishment.

I have a client gallery that is remote from the website where locked or public galleries can be viewed. For prints I have high standards and use a carefully selected pro lab and Fuji photographic papers that produce amazing results, some of which are on display in a popular Yorkshire Dales eating establishment. I also work in tandem with an established local wedding photographers of a number of years who, beside capturing magical wedding moments, host a high profile sporting event website to which I contribute as well as the local paper and contributions to Lancashire Life magazine and other sporting publications.

Whatever your event you can be assured of fantastic results using professional equipment and an eye for detail. Drop me a line anytime to discuss your requirements and I will look forward to capturing the moment for you.

Adrian Nicholls